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Michael Jackson
“To my very loyal and dedicated fans throughout the world.. your love, your caring, your endless support provide nourishment to my soul and keep my spirit strong and unwavering.. Together we will HEAL THE WORLD.” ~ Michael Jackson

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Dit jaar zal de opbrengst van de loterij gaan naar Water for Life. Water for Life maakt zich sterk voor schoon water en sanitaire voorzieningen in landen waar dat geen vanzelfsprekendheden zijn. Achter Water for Life zitten de drinkwaterbedrijven Vitens, Evides Waterbedrijf, WML en Waterbedrijf Groningen. De kennis en kunde die aanwezig is binnen deze bedrijven wordt via Vitens Evides International gedeeld met waterbedrijven in ontwikkelingslanden.

“I think it’s important to help out as much as you can. Just to help one person means a lot. It’s a big step forward.” ~ Michael Jackson

“I want you to know that I appreciate my fans every day of my life. It is your presence, your faith and your loyalty that has given me great strength during difficult times, and it was you who inspired me to work hard and deliver. I owe you. Over the years we became a family. You are all my family. My children are your children and all children of the world are our children and our responsibility.” ~ Michael Jackson


“To honor the children of the world, I vow to keep my promise to help the sick and dying, the alone and homeless and hungry through the construction of children’s hospitals and orphanages in every needy corner of the world.” ~ Michael Jackson


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